Sexual education & quizzes for teens

This web was created as a part of an SPA
(students' professional activities),
and serves as a quality source for everything
about sexual education for teenagers.
The contents of this web are based on MUDr. Jana Martincová's and others' books.
This website was created as a reaction to a survey among teenagers (13-20 years), led by doctors Sejbalová and Martincová, which proved that their primary source of sexual education was the internet; that's why a website with quality information on this topic is crucial.

Teenagers' sources of sexual education:

Sexual education


Childhood to Adulthood; Changes in Your Body

Everything about the changes in your body


Reproductive Organs; What Are They For?

Functions and anatomy of reproductive organs

About the sex ed books


The sexual education (incl. its images) on this website is based on MUDr. Jana Martincová's books. These books contain all the important information, which is included on this website, along with many more interesting things, stories and comics-like images.
English releases of these books will be available soon.

Everything that my daughter should know.

That's exactly what the book by Jana Martincová, who's spent more than 20 years educating the public and popularizing medicine, is about. It's a very engaging story, and a conversation between 3 friends (Lilith, Lucy and Šárka) and a mother of one of them, to which the girls come for advice; not only about health. The girls always go to her for advice about health and many other things. Thanks to her friends and acquaintances, doctor Eva will introduce them to the secrets of makeup, cooking, as well as core and pelvic floor exercises.

The entertaining story is full of humor, style, charm and most importantly quality info, important for a teenage girl. The book was created thanks to many questions asked by teenage girls on the forum, and teenage girls also helped with the bookwriting.

A guide for teenage boys written in a comic book style – so that we don't bother them with too much feeding material. Mind you that doesn‘t mean that the book has less important information. Far from it! We just made use of a style that is nearer to today's boys – they understand more from a picture with a few speech bubbles than from a half page of text.