How to Care for Your Body, Teeth, and What is a Preventative Check Up?

How to take care of your body

Body Hygiene

As you are maturing, especially if you play a sport, you will sweat more than you used to. So, don't forget to shower everyday! Wash your hair with shampoo, then splash some water on your face, scrub behind your neck and armpits, and make sure to wash your privates too! Oh and feet, those can use a good dose of soap!
Wash your body from the your head down
People around you will appreciate it, if you wear deodorant which will minimize the smell of sweat. If you sweat a lot, you should use an antiperspirant which have aluminum salts to plug the sweat glands in your armpits. If you sweat excessively, you should consult your dermatologist to see if there is another method you could use, to decrease how much you sweat. For example, botulinum toxin or laser treatments.

First shower, then use deodorant

It's also appropriate to frequently change your underwear and socks. Wear a fresh pair everyday

Male Hygiene

Do not forget to pull your foreskin over your glans and clean the white matter - smegma

Female Hygiene

When washing your vagina, you should move from front to back and NEVER from your anus toward your vagina. If you move back to front when washing or wiping, you risk contaminating your vagina with any feces that remained in your rectum. Feces contains bacteria that could then cause an infection.

Taking care of your intimate parts shouldn't be overdone, but it certainly shouldn't be neglected. Women and girls who don't sweat excessively and don't have problems with incontinence may practice hygiene daily with the same products they use to wash their body. Of course, when temperatures rise in the summer, it may be advisable to practice your hygiene routine more often. If the area around your vagina is more sensitive, you may choose to use soaps or gels with a lower pH. These products are specially designed for intimate hygiene and are gentler than normal body soap.
How to remove body hair depends on the thickness of the hair. If you don't have too much hair on your legs for example, you can shave them while you shower with disposable razor blades. If you have very thick hair, it is better to consult hair removal with a dermatologist.
In terms of dealing with hair around you genitals, you need to be careful! Some women/girls may get ingrown hairs which then cause pus and bumps. It is better to trim these hairs.

We Love Our Body and Take Care of It

As we mature, our body changes the most it ever has. The production of hormones will give it new features and overall look. We will examine ourselves more in the mirror to get used to these changes and sometimes our relationship can either improve or sour, in terms of being satisfied with ourselves. This relationship with our body is extremely important for our self confidence. Just as we recognize and try to utilize our strengths, we also have to try and work with our body. Weaknesses aren't meant to defeat us or make us unhappy. We should see them as a challenge and way we can improve ourselves.
Today's world most certainly contains a “skinny cult”, which is advertised on all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, fashion websites etc.). However, it's important to realize that in most cases, these photos are modified to make the models thighs, hips, breasts, and buttocks. This cultish need to be thin can cause problems in individuals who are predisposed to such illnesses and may trigger an eating disorder like anorexia.
This illnesses is very serious. Girls (they are affected more than boys) who are perfectly healthy will see themselves as overweight. They will refuse food or try to vomit up food they have eaten. Even if she is skin and bone, she may still feel she is overweight.
If you ever suspect such an illness in a friend, don't be afraid to confide in an adult who you trust. You may just save her life. She won't realize what state she is in, she will deny any problems, and will refuse treatment. If this is the case, the illness could be life threatening! She may starve her body to such a degree that it would kill her.
Another disease that can be responsible for fluctuations in weight is bulimia. Typically, a patient will over eat or binge, and then vomit up everything they just ate. Bulimia is just as dangerous as anorexia.
But most importantly, even a stronger girl can look great and can love her body! With a healthy level of self-confidence and determination to continue working on herself, a girl will stop trying to affect what she can't control and instead, will focus in on the things she can.
BE YOURSELF isn't just a catchphrase from Miss USA. This instruction means that a girl will be resistant to manipulation and will stay true to who she is.

Protection against the sun

Radiation from the sun is one of the most common causes of aging of the skin - this means the creation of wrinkles and pigmentation- dark stains on the skin, as well as skin cancers such as melanoma. Today's sun in very strong, not just at the beach or in the mountains, but everyday! This is exactly why you should protect your skin with a good quality sunscreen that contains at least SPF 30. If you have fair skin that burns easily, it's better to just SPF 50+.


When you start to shave, shave as often as you need. This may be once a week or everyday. Even if you have an electric razor, learn how to use a manual one. Using a manual razor leaves a cleaner shave, because the razor will cut the hair right where it exits the skin.
Be careful of shaving around birthmarks. If you draw the razor across one, you may injure it. Instead, use scissors to trim hairs that are growing on these marks. It is also advisable to consult these freckles or warts with a dermatologist, in case they need to be removed.
If you cut yourself while shaving, take a piece of toilet paper or paper towel and press it on the wound. Hold pressure until it stops bleeding. You can also buy special products that will stop the bleeding. Don't shave around or over acne. Acne should also be consulted with a dermatologist.
Shaving with a manual razor blade

Wash your face with warm water

Spread shaving cream on the places on your face where you want to shave (a walnut sized amount of shaving cream should be sufficient)

As you move the razor across your face, press it against your skin from the top of your face down to your chin. Don't shave side to side. When you shave your chin, shave up from your neck to your chin.

Rinse the shaved hair, shaving cream, and razor

Check if you have shaved evenly. If not, shave these places again

After shaving, wash your face with cold water. Dry it and treat it with aftershave.

Don't forget to use a new razor next time, if you used a disposable one

Shaving with an Electric Razor
This process if simpler than shaving with a manual razor and doesn't require soap and water. While it's easier and you don't run the risk of cutting yourself, the shave won't be as smooth. That's why it's better to shave with a manual razor before big events like prom! If you choose to grow your facial hair longer, you can maintain the desired length with the electric razor.


Healthy follicle with a hair

Sebaceous gland

Clogged sebaceous gland

Spreading of the acne infection around the pimple, causing more pimples

Popping of a pimple from one side using a needle

You should pop your acne using a needle. Don't pop your pimples with your fingers. The pus containing the acne causing bacteria can spread to other areas of your face causing even more pimples!

Many young adults are ashamed of their acne and don't seek medical help. Without treatment they suffer from aesthetically unpleasant imperfections for much longer, than if they had seen the dermatologist right away.

Medication for acne from the dermatologist. This can be either liquid or cream

It's important to catch acne early and consult treatment with a dermatologist. Only this way can you prevent the acne from spreading deeper into your skin and around your face.


First brush your teeth with a normal toothbrush

… then with a single tuft toothbrush.

then with an interdental toothbrush…

check for perfectly clean teeth in the mirror…

…use a floss pick

… and with your tongue. Your teeth should be smooth as glass.

Take a soft toothbrush with dense short fibers…

… ideally, the handle should be long and the head shouldn't be flexible

… the brush should have bristles that are all the same length

Add a pea sized amount of tooth paste

For better orientation, some toothbrushes have an angled edge on the handle, so you brush your teeth at the correct angle. When this edge is parallel to the ground, the angle between the toothbrush and teeth is 45 degrees.

A dental hygienist is the best person to ask for advice. Professional dental hygiene is carried out during your preventative check-up, twice a year
She will remove tartar
Recommend toothbrushes
Instruct you on how to brush your teeth
Cleaning the upper and lower jaws

The toothbrush should be at an angle of 45 degrees and should be perpendicular to the tooth. Half the bristles should cover the tooth and half should cover the gums. Make small circles on the tooth.

On the inner side of your teeth, the brush should be centered on the tooth.

When brushing between your back most teeth, the toothbrush should be inserted into your mouth completely.

The chewing surfaces on your teeth are cleaned by repeated horizontal movements there and back.

Don't forget the back of your teeth

If you have crooked teeth, it is advised to seek an orthodontist who can correct them.
Crooked teeth are not only an aesthetic problem, but also a functional one. Crooked teeth can cause many problems in the future.

Preventative examination (boys)

Preventative examination of the testicles

Palpate your testicles once a week in the shower

Their surface should be smooth

If you feel any sort of bump or other changes, tell your doctor. They will refer you to a specialist

Preventative examination (girls)

8 Tips for Yearly Gynecological Check Ups
  1. See your gynecologist once a year after your turn 18 OR when you become sexually active. Of course, if you have any problems, see them more often.
  2. Don't have unprotected sex the day before your visit. It isn't pleasant for doctors to remove sperm from the vagina.
  3. Don't use any kind of vaginal tablets before your visit. This could affect the results of certain tests.
  4. During your visit, your doctor will take a sample of cells from your cervix for cytology (examination of the cells). This procedure may be uncomfortable and cause some bleeding. Bring a pad just incase.
  5. Be prepared to tell your doctor the date of your last period.
  6. If you are a virgin, make sure to have a full bladder before your visit. The doctor will be able to better visualize your uterus through your abdomen. If the uterus cannot be visualized well through the abdomen, a rectal ultrasound may be performed.
  7. If you have had sex in the past, you should see your doctor with an empty bladder so your doctor can feel for the uterus.
  8. It's easier to see the gynecologist in a dress or skirt, so you don't have to take everything off.
Self Examination of the Breasts
Breats should be examined until 18 years of age by your pediatrician during your yearly check up. This examination will be able to confirm if your mammary glands are developing properly. After your turn 18, the gynecologist will examine your breasts either with their hands or with an ultrasound. You should also be able to examine your breasts by yourself, after your last menstrual cycle.
  1. Start by visually examine your breasts in the mirror. This includes your arm pits! Start with your hands by your side and then life your arms. Pay close attention to any changes in shape, color, tension, etc. A warning sign of a problem is bleeding from the nipple.
  2. Then, start to feel your breasts (standing up and then lying down) with your hands. Feel each quadrant of your breast (upper right, lower right, upper left, lower left) in circular motions toward the areola. Feel for any kind of unevenness.
  3. Then examine your nipple and areola. By gently pressing, you can check for bleeding or any other secretion from your breast.
  4. Feel your underarms. There shouldn't be any lumps.
  5. Examine your breasts in the same manner while lying down.

Examination of the mammary gland in the mirror with your shoulders back

with your hands above your head

Examination of the armpits

Examination of the areola and nipple

Psychological Wellbeing

Try to develop a regular daily routine, even on the weekends.
If you want your life to be fulfilling, it needs to have a certain order to it.

Try to get at least 9 hours of sleep.

Don't forget to eat breakfast!

Brush your teeth.

School or work

Learn how to rest and relax and how to surround yourself with the right people.

Write down a to-do list before bed, so these thoughts aren't running around in your head all night.

Don't eat two hours before bed.

Wash yourself before going to bed...

...and brush your teeth.

Try to tire yourself out before bed by reading a book instead of staring at a screen.

How do you get your frustrations out?

Will you box?

Will you go running or swimming?

Will you begin to breathe deeply?

Will you yell?

Will you sing?

Will you cry?

Will you confide in someone?

Do you recognize your emotions for what they are and will you distract yourself with another activity?

Will you write your feelings down?

Find your own way, how to get these negative emotions our and don't let them ruin your day!
How to get out of a rut?

Try confiding in someone you can trust, like a parent or friend! This person isn't someone you know only online, you should know them well and personally

If you are feeling anxious or scared over a period of more than 2 weeks, it may be a good idea to seek professional advice from a psychologist or a psychiatrist. They are specially trained to help you.