Makeup tutorials

Skin Care and Removing Makeup

You should use a cream both in the morning and at night. Depending on your skin type you may use a lighter one if you have oily/acne prone skin skin or a hydrating one if you have dry skin.
Remove your makeup every night including mascara! Your skin should be clean and well hydrated when you go to sleep.

Night routine: remove makeup using a micellar/cleansing water



Foundation and How to Choose the Correct One

Foundations have yellow or pink undertones.
Most women have yellow undertone, a pink undertone is rarer. If we choose the wrong color and undertone, there will be an unnatural contrast between the color of your face and the rest of your body. Your makeup will look like a mask.
You should choose the tone of your makeup in daylight and swatch it on the back of your hand to see which fits your skin tone best. You can also test it on your face, for example around your cheek bones.
If you tan during the summer, you should have a foundation that is a shade darker.

Testing three different shades of foundation on your face, the best is the third one on the bottom which can barely be seen on the skin.

Choosing a foundation with more or less coverage will really depend upon the quality of your skin. With age, you may need different levels of coverage. There are three levels.
  1. Light coverage foundation is easily blendable and will even out your skin tone. BB creams are good examples of this.
  2. Medium coverage foundation is thicker and is better for skin with acne, where light coverage foundation will not do the job.
  3. Full coverage foundation is very thick and is used for individuals with very problematic skin and severe acne.
Skin Type
Every foundation has a different composition and consistency which will determine if it is the correct foundation to use if we have oily, dry, or sensitive skin.
Mattifying makeup for oily skin will make dry skin look patchy and a creamy makeup for dry skin will make oily skin very shiny.
Don't always take advice from your friends, they may have a different skin type and may need a completely different kind of foundation.

Poorly blended and selected foundation. It is too orange

Correctly selected and blended makeup

Concealer for Under Eye Circles

If you have dark circles under your eyes, don't use foundation to cover them up. Instead go for a concealer that is specifically for under your eyes.
Under eye concealer is most often placed in a tube with a built-in brush or in a small tube that can then be combined with a concealer brush. Apply the concealer in a smear or dots along the bottom curve of your eye.
The concealer should be a little lighter than your skin tone, to lighten up the area. The texture of an under eye concealer is completely different than a concealer for acne, so don't interchange the two.
You can also highlight and lighten up other areas of your face during contouring.
Concealer application and blending using your finger


Blush is an essential item that makes a big different, but it doesn't make sense to apply it, if we aren't using foundation. Blush doesn't look nice on uneven skin.
Blush should be applied with an angled blush brush.


blush brush

Choose the shade according to the warmness or coolness of your skin tone.
You can apply blush in two ways:
Along your cheek bones from the upper part of you ear down to the corner of your lips. This method will make your face look narrower.


You can also place it on the apples of your cheeks (the part of your cheeks that get rounder when you smile) in circular motions. This method is better for people who already have a narrow face. It will make you look fresh and healthy.


Correctly and incorrectly blended blush

too high!

too low!


Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow Base

eye shadow base

placement of the base

CAREFUL! Don't use the eye shadow base instead of a primer for foundation!
An eye shadow base is used so that the eye shadow won't fade or smudge throughout the day. Sometimes, getting eye shadow to stay may get worse with age or with oilier skin. Using an eye shadow base allows the shades to be more intense in color and will make them last 10-12 hours.
Eyes shadow bases are in small pots/tubes and are applied to the eye lid using your finger. Use only a small amount.
The most important thing to consider when selecting shadows is the correct shade which will enhance, but not overpower our eyes.
Basic shades are neutrals like greys or browns. You can select bolder shades too, but remember that the bolder or brighter the color, the better technique we need to have. If we mess up while using neutrals, the mistake won't be as visible, as if we use blue.

various combinations of shades

Every color will have a warmer and a cooler tone with the universal color being a cool toned brown. Cool toned browns are greyish while warm toned browns are reddish. I wear cool tones best.



First place a skin tone shade on your entire lid.
Then continue according to the pictures.
This protocol can be used with any combination of colors.

skin tone

lighter shades should be used in the inner corner and under the eye brow

medium shades should be placed in the crease and outer part of the eye

the darkest tones should be places on the very outer portion of the eye lid

eye shadow

Eye Brows

Plucking Your Eye Brows
Eye brows must first be shaped and excess hairs plucked or waxed. This is something you should trust experts to do, before you know what looks nice on you. Otherwise, you could ruin your eye brows for the rest of your life.

poorly shaped eye brows

correctly shaped eye brows

Guide for shaping your eye brows

You eye brow should start at the same level as the inner corner of your eye

The shape of your eye brows depends on how much of a curve you have. The curve and end of your eye brow should be above the middle of your eye and corner of your nose respectively.

Your eye brows should become narrower as it moves outward and should end so that you can draw a straight line from the corner of your nose, to the outer corner of your eye, to the end of your eye brow

Filling In Your Eye Brows
f your eye brows are sparse or one eye brow is different from the other, you can fill them in using a pencil, shadow, or gel with the correct undertone and shade.

eye brow pencil



The color of your eye brows should be the same as your hair color. However, blondes will typically have darker eye brows and girls with black hair should use a dark brown instead of black, because black would look too harsh.
After filling in your brows, you should brush them with an eye brow brush. Brush upward so the hairs will blend in with the filled in product.
Mistakes In Filling In Your Eye Brows
In terms of mistakes when filling in your eye brows, most often people select the wrong color and shape.

incorrect - too harsh and too dark left eye brow

Incorrect shape of eye brows which don't have the curve and is too straight making the eyes appear smaller. The makeup is overall smudged and the eye brow looks dirty.


Eye Liner

Using a narrow brush, place it lightly and flatly right above your lash line.
Take the eyeliner from your outer corner to the inner corner and then make a little wing up to your eyebrows.
Mistakes When Applying Eye Liner
Many people make mistakes when applying eye liner! It's not just girls who are learning to do their makeup.
Incorrect - The end of the line is downward and makes the eye look droopy, the line is smudged